Sustainable raw material, either through suppliers or own propagation.

The raw material used by Kimun Biotec originates from its own crops with organic management or from suppliers that have a certificate of sustainable management.

Efficient use of water in processes and plantations.

The use of technology and implementation of automation in crop irrigation systems and the incorporation of automation in processes makes the use of water more efficient to reduce unnecessary waste of water resources.

The use of environmentally friendly supplies and packaging.

The products made by Kimun Biotec have the objective of being friendly to the environment, from the inputs to the packaging used in the final product.

Responsible management of waste and search for residue 0 to 2025

Production waste is a polluting agent that has characteristics that are usable for reuse in the production of other products or processes. With basic and applied research, they can be reused to reduce the amount of waste

Work with the community and rescue of local botanical culture

Kimun Biotec is in charge of rescuing the local botanical culture in collaborative work with the surrounding communities.