Our main backbone for the scientific study of endemic plants is the traditionally inherited knowledge from our ancestors. The confidence that is behind this knowledge, plus the instalment of plant biotechnology, we seek to identify the properties offered by the active compounds of these natural elements, analysing their therapeutic advantages in order to develop natural products that directly improve people’s wellbeing.

We want to be frontrunners in Latin America in the extraction of active compounds of endemic Chilean plants with highly regarded medicinal potential, along with the development of processed natural products and nutraceuticals that ease the consumption of high efficiency natural medicine aimed at improving the quality of life. In this matter, we can be a contribution in Chile at producing and exporting raw material, leading to the company’s growth in Chile regarding Investigation and Development.

Kimun Biotec is a family-oriented business, which arose from a friend’s meeting: a healer, a native plant grower, a chemist, and a businessman. Ten years ago, they together decided to further investigate Leptocarpha Rivularis, and based on experiences, they could successfully solve ways of propagation and efficient extraction of its active compounds.

We are producers/manufacturers and we have developed sustainable propagation protocols in our plantation, using natural fertilisers, pesticides free. In addition, we take care of the native plant’s conservation when extracting the raw material, without impacting the surrounding environment. Organic product certification in progress.