- Application D.S. 594/92. The current regulation lays down the basic sanitary and environmental conditions to be met by any workplace, without prejudice to the specific regulations that have been issued or dictated for those tasks that require special conditions. It also establishes permissible limits on environmental exposure to chemical agents and physical agents, and those biological tolerance limits for workers exposed to occupational risk.

- Application D.S. 977/97 is the regulation that establishes the sanitary conditions to which the production, import, processing, packaging, storage, distribution and sale of food for human use must be adhered to, in order to protect the health and nutrition of the population and ensure the supply of healthy and safe food. It applies to all natural or legal people who relate or intervene in the processes referred to above, as well as to establishments, means of transport and distribution intended for those purposes. In other words, RSA determines the specific requirements that facilities and food must meet in order to ensure safe products for human consumption.

- Management plan: For Boldo raw material suppliers, "Management Plan" certified by the National Forestry Corporation (CONAF) is worked on: an instrument that, meeting the requirements established in this legal body, plans the management of ecological heritage or the sustainable use of forest resources of a given land, safeguarding the quality of the waters and preventing soil deterioration. It will be a preservation management plan when it has as its main objective to safeguard biodiversity, ensuring the maintenance of the conditions that make possible the evolution and development of the species and ecosystems contained in the area under its action. It will be a forest management plan when its objective is to use the native forest for the production of timber and non-wood goods, considering the multifunctionality of forests and biological diversity.